Who can Resist These Gorgeous Delicacies of The Dordogne

Truffles are usually found anytime between October and November.

 These gorgeous black gems are found under a specific species of Oak tree. Usually they will be discovered by using a pig or a truffle hunting . Should you come across these beautiful black gems, make sure they are fresh, and not last years stock, as they are rather expensive to buy.

This simple platter served on a “plate” made from a tile, is a melody of Fois Gras, preserved duck, potted duck and roasted duck, served with a delicious orange preserve
The different delicate flavours are all there. What if one had to put them into one single dish? I tried…… it was delicious. Simply cook your duck breast in a pan on your stove top. When cooked stuff your breast with your Fois Gras and some shavings of truffle. In the meantime, make a sauce by finely chopping some onions. soften them in some butter. Add 1/2 a bottle of a good red wine and reduce. When reduced to half add a dollop of fig preserve, a squeeze of lemon, some lovely provencale herbs.
Serve with a lovely fresh salad. Yum!!!