Welcome to Dordogne Valley

Welcome to Dordogne Valley – France’s best kept secret 101

Welcome to Dordogne Valley

Do you love birding, history of the 100s years war, history of early man, chateaux, great gourmet food, fabulous wines…… Visit the Dordogne Valley to experience this best kept secret.

The Dordogne valley is so different as each season comes and goes.

Welcome to Dordogne Valley
Beautiful view over the Dordogne River from the Baynac Castle

I love my visits to France. As the plane circles over Bordeaux in its anticipation of landing, I love the beautiful patchwork of yellows greens, especially in summer. The minute one steps off the plane there’s that instant sense of beauty and freshness

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Welcome to the Dordogne valley
Beautiful Bergerac wines


Enjoy the lovely account of how one will feel welcome to the Dordogne Valley