This beautiful village is only a 15 minute walk from The French Country Cottage – Les Chouettes.  Considering the size of Tremolat it has 4 restaurants in the centre.  The well known Le Vieux Logis is a 4 star hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant.  The tapas menu offers a plate of delicious art for every course  One really needs to take the time to savour each mouthful.


Learn how to enhance the flavour of what you are eating with the correct wine


Tapas at Le vieux Logis


Delicious lamb chops from the Vieux Logis Tremolat


This beautiful dish was served as part of the tapas menu at le Vieux Logis

Tremolat also has a great Bistro which also offers delicious food as well as the Pizzeria.  Our newest addition is a wine bar called Les Tartines.  One can always find a quick bite to eat.  In addition to our local restaurants we have Les Truffiers which is a great quirky restaurant on the hill.  Make sure you go there hungry – the food created by Yannik is always delicious.  A little further up on top of the hill you will find The Belvedere Restaurant which serves typical Perigordian cuisine and has the best views over The Dordogne River.There is a small stream which runs through the village.  My favourite house is one as you wander over the bridge you will notice it hanging over the stream always with window boxes full of colourful flowers.  It adds quaint charm to our quiet village.

A quaint tea room just off the square

The church of Saint Nicolas is in the centre of the village.  It was built in the 12th century and was once a monastery.  It was also used to protect the villages during the 100 year war.  The ceiling is very high inside with beautiful curved cream stone beams. The wooden crosses inside are very simple and similar in design to a celtic cross.  The recent renovation of the church has revealed the remains of some 14th Century frescoes including The Last Supper.


One the side of the church you will see the area which was once the cloisters.  Sadly these were destroyed during the 100 year War.

Just outside the village square – almost next to Le Vieux Logis is a quaint old 12th century chapel – Saint-Hilaire.  This little chapel was renovated by the locals and is really worth a visit.
 Tremolat is also well known for the thriller by Claude Chabrol, Le Boucher (The butcher). This movie was filmed in the village itself as well as on the top of the hill overlooking the loop of the Dordogne River. You will find the house of the muderous “Butcher” just off the square!!!


Enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the Dordogne Valley



Tremolat nestles in the Cingle of the Dordogne.  Many visitors come to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Cingle (Bend in the river). You will notice the interesting archways the make up the bridges over The Dordogne.

The French Country Cottage has bicycles on site.  Depending on how fit you are,  it is really worth a trip up to the top of the hill to enjoy the lovely views.


A Guide to Exploring the Dordogne

Most visitors to the Dordogne enjoy visiting the surrounding villages, all within a good walk or cycle distance away. To make your stay more enjoyable we have created a guide to exploring the area with les Chouettes, The French Country Cottages as your base.