Lascaux Dordogne France
Discover the caves of early man at Lascaux Montignac, Dordogne

Visit the incredible caves at Lascaux

Experience  prehistoric history in the caves in the Dordogne

In 1940, The Lascaux cave was discovered by four young boys from Montignac which is situated in the Vézère Valley of the Dordogne/Perigord region. These young boys decided to explore the hill, they made the cavity larger so as to slip into the cave. Just with a lamp. They were the first ones to discover the painting caves. They found some great and unique treasures… The Lascaux cave is the finest of all prehistoric painted caves made by Cro Magnon man.

After the Second World War, Lascaux was open to the public for several years until. The caves had approximately 1500 visitors per day.  Unfortunately,  the carbon dioxide in the human breath soon began to damage the prehistoric paintings of the painted cave.

Today, the original Lascaux cave is closed, but copy of the cave has been created a few times, so that the public may enjoy this wonderful finding.  We now have Lascaux 4 should you wish to experience this incredible find. 


  have used the beautiful video created by Rick Steves.  Click to enjoy watching the discovery!