As the warm summer evenings begin to become more frequent in the South West France, tourists begin to roll in, school goes on break, and the locals become more interested in finding ways to fill their evenings with something a little more exciting than the typical family dinner at home or at a restaurant.

Dordogne Night markets are a normal occurrence in the Perigordian villages and is the ideal outing for the family. These markets are planned and organized weeks in advance, so the dates locations can be found at your nearest tourism office.

Dordogne night markets are a must do activity

The jovial energy at these markets are palpable: everyone is abuzz with excitement (or this may be due to the copious amounts of beer and wine). The square is set up with various food stands, offering a variety of different cuisines including the traditional staple of Perigord, confit de canard. One also will not be surprised to find a multitude of other variations of duck, but if this doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other options like Vietnamese cuisine, Italian food, or paella.

Musical entertainments is also an inevitable feature of these markets. You might not catch the latest summer hits of 2018, but an oldies cover band might feature or (in our case one time) an accordion duet.

I think that what makes these markets so appealing is the fact that they aren’t solely created for the benefit of the tourists. The local families come to these markets and, in the end, it simply is a wonderful evening out for the family to enjoy the local and international cuisine and live music.

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